Community Response Team

This summer, as a part of our Community Connections activities, St. Paul Youth Services will pilot a new initiative called the Community Response Team.

Members of the team will respond to requests from local libraries, recreation centers, summer youth programs, businesses, and neighbors that are having problems with groups of young people who are disturbing the functioning of regular activities. A team of staff with knowledge best suited to the neighborhood will gather information, spend time at the location observing the situation, and consult with the professionals/adults involved to develop a plan to address both safety issues and the needs of the youth involved.

In addition, the Community Response Team will utilize a preventative approach by having members attend and be a presence at community fairs and events in St. Paul where young people tend to congregate. The purpose is to ensure that young people are engaged in a positive way.

We’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable youthworkers in St. Paul to be a part of this team.

If you would like to learn more about the Community Response Team, please call Damon Drake at (651) 771-1301 or email him at

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